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About the Vasant Corporation

The Vasant Corporation incorporated on July 25, 1996 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA to provide high technology designs, products and services.

The corporation initially worked on developing new types of displays, controls, and interfaces for Pilot-Vehicle Interface (PVI) testing in aircraft simulators for advanced research by aerospace companies.

Now the Vasant Corporation provides research files, instructional videos, learning materials, and lectures on spin wave technology and devices for power generation, propulsion, signal processing and communications via electromagnetic particle spin interactions involving changing spin axis orientations.

Our CAGE CODE number is: 3H1H9
Our DUNS number is: 083813241

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Spin Wave Technology Global Market Assessment

Government Patent Hoarding and Freedom

Assessment of the Human Race

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Spin Wave Technology, Book Cover

Spin Wave Technology
A book of informal research papers written by George J Bugh while investigating claims by many inventors and researchers who have built unusual electromagnetic devices said to produce anomalous energy output and even electrogravity effects.


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