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Government Patent Hoarding and Freedom

Government Patent Hoarding and Freedom</i>:

The US government actually expects everyone to think that after 60 years, this is still the only way to do atomic fission:

This is so antiquated.

When a jeweler wants to split a diamond does she smash diamonds together as hard as she can to see what she ends up with?

The force binding protons and neutrons together is not a constant force with zero variation over time nor does it have zero variation with changes in proton spin axis orientation relative local neutrons in the nucleus. There is a frequency to it, though extremely high, it still has a frequency and various processes can cause phase differences between the energy exchanges that bind so tightly such that they bind less tightly. Not only can there be phase differences but also changes in polarization, propagation direction, etc.. All these parameters of the energy exchanged can be said to affect to total harmony between particle interactions. The greater the harmony of motions the greater the harmony of energy radiated and received from these motions and so the greater the binding. The lower the harmony the weaker the binding can become from one instant in time to the next.

During a proton spin flip, there is the possibility that a very strong electrostatic force gradient can pop a proton out of the nucleus. Other researchers have had success by introducing low velocity neutrons to act as a catalyst. They don't split the nucleus like when smashing things together has hard as possible. Rather their added energy exchange affects the phase and other parameters of the energy exchanges between the protons and neutrons of the nucleus so as to weaken their binding.

In the USA, for over 60 years, the US government has been hoarding patent applications for alternative fission processes and alternative fusion processes. Anything that could compete with fossil fuel is labeled as a threat to national security on the grounds that it could cause economic instability.

The task of reviewing patents for hoard worthiness has been contracted out to very large corporations that make up the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower tried to warn the people about decades ago.


Once upon a time, at my old defense company, I was asked to join a group who's job it was to scour the internet to find all the best and most hoard worthy technologies from around the world. This group provided the government with periodic reports of all their new finds. The person who talked to me about this work said they had access to all kinds of things that I wouldn't believe, like patents for things so advanced they would seem like science fiction. They also provided the government with periodic lists of each and every person, company or organization around the world who had discovered a secret technology that the government had already been hoarding.

What has been happening to these people when they try to tell the world of their discoveries? Most of the time, these people's attempts to tell the world are overwhelmed with dis-information but when that hasn't worked, what happens to these people? Years ago Yull Brown demonstrated on nationwide network TV evening news for all to see, a radioactive sample placed in a clear liquid and within a minute the radioactivity dropped most significantly by means supposedly impossible. Later he had a heart attack and died and the people never heard anymore about his research.

Is this freedom?

Is this free enterprise?

Are we really free when forced to use petroleum power even while it kills the whole planet?

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