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      Vasant Corporation Homepage, Gravity Modification Technology

The Vasant Corporation, based in Fort Worth, Texas, has developed what we call Spinwave Technology. At least, that's what we called it 20 years ago. Since then, others refer to Magnonics. It's similar to Spintronics except it concentrates more on the spin waves that occur during particle spin interactions.

The term 'spin wave' or 'spinwave' normally refers to a phenomena that occurs among uncompensated spins within magnetic materials. However, we are proposing that spinwaves also occur among compensated spins of all charged particles of all elements. This phenomena is usually undetectable.

While magnonics deals with spin interactions among uncompensated spins, spinwave technology deals with spin interactions among compensated spins as well. Those doing research and development in Magnonics have yet to realize this is possible or to recognize its technological importance.

We are proposing that long range spin interactions among compensated spins are responsible for gravity and inertia and that these properties of matter can be manipulated. We have seen evidence of secret R & D in this area for many decades by a small compartmentalized portion of the military-industrial complex. Click photo to enlarge.

spintronics technology

magnonics technology

ufo using spinwave technology
Spin Wave Technology

Photo taken by the pilot of a USAF C-47 at 15,000 feet near Provo, Utah in 1966

The basic concepts of Spin Wave Technology are the result of research done by a senior staff aerospace electronics engineer, George J. Bugh. In Quantum theory, the wave-like characteristics of matter are described using abstract probability waves. However, Bugh proposes that the wave characteristics of matter may also be described as coming from a very real sea of unseen electromagnetic standing waves among all matter.

According to classical electrodynamics, all electrically charged particles, like quarks of protons and neutrons as well as orbital electrons, should radiate away energy from precessional and precessional plus orbital motion. If in fact this really happens then all electrically charged particles can be radiating away energy all the time. However, all particles can also absorb just as much energy from all other radiating particles. The absorbed energy applies electromagnetic forces that naturally move all similar type particles into harmonious precessional motions with all other particles. This results in a vast sea of electromagnetic standing waves among all matter. Even free particles would move into precessional motions that are in sync with the established sea of standing waves.

These very real yet hard to detect electromagnetic waves are the "Pilot Waves" interacting with matter and causing the quantum behavior of matter to arise. Electron pairs in orbitals around atoms are precessing as they move around in their orbitals and are radiating and absorbing synchronized sets of electromagnetic waves in which the electric field components are equal and opposite polarization and so cancel out while the magnetic field components are the same polarization and so add together to create alternating magnetic fields with their polarization alternating towards then away from centers of mass.

There is a magnetic pulling effect on other pairs of precessing electrons around atoms in the local area. On Earth, the pulling effect has a force of 1G at sea level. There can be sets of precessing frequencies depending on which orbital various pairs of electrons are precessing in. The largest contribution of these unique magnetic waves come from the core electrons of atoms since valence electrons often have more limited motions and those motions are more dominated by thermal agitation whereas the core electrons' motions are more harmonious.

Similar interactions between precessing quarks within atomic nuclei give rise to much stronger and much higher frequency standing waves among all matter that give rise to the long range interaction with all matter of the universe to establish matter's characteristic of inertia. This is an interaction among all matter that Ernst Mach alluded to as necessary to cause matter's characteristic of inertia. Einstein later called this Mach's Principle. Einstein studied Mach's ideas while developing his theory of General Relativity.

Bugh describes inertial resistance to acceleration as caused by electromagnetic forces. Changes in position of a mass will cause phase differences to develop between the precessional motions of the particles of that mass relative to the sea of standing waves. This in turn causes electromagnetic forces between the particles' fields and the sea of standing waves that resists a mass from changing its position.

There can be a hidden yet strong tendency towards harmony and equilibrium among all matter in the universe due to these unseen standing waves and spin interactions among all matter. This tendency can overcome to a great extent the tendency towards chaos and heat death of the universe. This tendency can also be exploited to perform work. This website describes applications of spin wave technology that include power generation devices and propulsion systems based on electromagnetic interaction with this sea of standing waves.


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Vasant Corporation

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Vasant Corporation Home Page, Spinwave Technology

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