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      Overview of Spin Wave Technology

overview of spinwave technology video
Overview of Spinwave Technology

Youtube video narrated in 2010
overview of spinwave technology
Overview of Spinwave Technology

Original .pps slide deck from 2003

Click on one of the presentations above for an English version.

Click on the link below to see the presentation manually translated to Spanish:

Haga click aqui para descargar y guardar una presentacion de PowerPoint (convertida al HTML) en Tecnologia de Ondas de Spin.

The term 'spinwave' normally refers to a phenomena that occurs among uncompensated spins within magnetic materials. However, we are proposing that spinwaves also occur among compensated spins of orbital electrons of all elements, however this phenomena is usually undetectable with typical equipment for measuring electromagnetic radiation. These undetectable spinwaves propagate through the sea of standing waves that develop among all matter.

See an example of an atypical device for measuring atypical electromagnetic radiation to/from compensating electron spins on page 5 of this presentation. You may recognize this device if you have ever studied the presentations from Bob Lazar who claimed to have worked on antigravity technology.

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Overview of Spinwave Technology

Spinwave Technology Presentation

Spinwave Technology Presentation in Spanish

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