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Spin Wave Technology CD

Spin Wave Technology, CD Cover

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About this CD:


Spin Wave Technology
Initial Release Collector's Edition




November, 2001


George J. Bugh

Text Editing:

Lauren Stevens

Graphic Editing:

Stephan D. Schmidt



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CD Contents:

Research files and introduction video to explain spin wave processes; electromagnetic interactions of atomic particles involving the propagation of changing spin axis orientations which can be utilized for power generation, propulsion, signal processing and communications. These explanations are in layperson terminology using classical electrodynamics.

The CD-ROM contains the research papers of George J. Bugh in HTML format along with various graphic diagrams. The video is provided in .mpg and .mov file formats for PCs or MACs. All you need is a web browsing program to view the documents and multimedia on this CD. In addition, this CD includes a 34-minute video introduction to spin waves given by George Bugh.

These files are the result of 6 years of research. Using conventional science it is possible to explain electromagnetic processes that have not been understood or described previously. These devices can have electron spin resonance and electromagnetic spin wave processes taking place at microwave frequencies and higher. There is a possibility for some technological advances.

Product Details and Information:

Independent Reviews of the Publication:

Review from long time energy researcher Ret. Lt. Col. Tom Bearden:

" ... In writing in some haste earlier on my way out the door, I hope it came through that Mr. Bugh's insight is remarkable, because it is insight into some very advanced physics not usually drawn together. It is also in areas that are still recognized as some of the toughest problems in physics. So Bugh's work shows him to be an electrical engineer with remarkable native intuition and insight --- far more than one will see in the usual electrical engineer. .... There are two ways of thinking: (1) IN the model, and (2) OUTSIDE the model, where the "model" is the proverbial "box" everyone uses in the buzz words, "thinking outside the box". Too many of our engineers and scientists simply accept the model (box) taught to them as being perfect, and then never question things deeply again. In Bugh's case, he is not in that category (1), but is definitely in category (2). ..."

An independent review by Judy Justice for the Midwest Book Review is at: The mention of ESP is the reviewer's suggestion and not a topic discussed in the publication.

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