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More Permissions Granted

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Subject: More Permissions Granted

Date Posted: 02/20/2002

Mr. Bugh has requested and received permission from his day job employer to give copyrights to the Vasant Corporation for new research papers about using spin wave technology in MagLev transportation systems.

Excerpts of communications between parties involved:

Mr. Bugh wrote: "... This time it is about using spin waves in MagLev transportation compartment levitation and propulsion. It is based on similar principles to MagLev Trains. I wanted to go ahead and find out now if I have permission to publish something on this subject before I put too much effort into it. It is not related to anything I do here at work."

Legal Dept. wrote: "Just have your boss send me an e-mail saying this is not related to your [Company X] work."

Company X Manager wrote: "I concur that the subject matter is not related to his work at [Company X]."

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