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NASA Voyager One gold diagram sent into space by humans hoping to contact ETs.
      Spin Superradiance

Bob Lazar antimatter reactor
Bob Lazar's antimatter reactor
spin superradiance resonant cavity
A Spin Superradiant Resonant Cavity

Spin superradiant devices can generate coherent microwaves at power levels reported to "set the air on fire". Superradiance is a form of coherent emission but not all coherent emissions are from superradiant origins. Typical lasers output coherent light that does not come from superradiant phenomena; however, there are now masers and lasers that have enhanced coherence using superradiant phenomena.

Please carefully study the update at the bottom of this webpage

What is Superradiance or Super-Radiance per wikipedia

Spin Superradiance versus Atomic Superradiance

Origin of Pure Spin Superradiance

The Role of a Resonant Cavity

Superradiant Operation of Spin Masers

Coherent radiation by magnets with exchange interactions

Patents for Spin Superradiant devices:

UPDATE July 2, 2022:

For years I had concluded that when anomalous electrical power was produced within spin super-radiant devices of various inventors, the spins involved were uncompensated electron spins. However, after more research, it appears the spins involved are uncompensated spins from within the nuclei through some known or unknown form of "Giant Resonance", possibly, resonance from stimulating the internal structure of nucleons. I've seen this happen where the experimenters had coated magnetic materials with heavy radioactive isotopes. I'm not sure if it can happen anyway in non-radioactive materials. Possibly, somehow, in certain heavy or radioactive isotopes, this resonance is occurring within the GHz to THz range. See more about this under the "Articles" pull down menu, "Gluon Frequency in Heavy Elements". Not coincidentally, this correlates with what Bob Lazar said many years ago that the nuclear strong force had a wave nature and was accessible in very heavy elements. This should not be construed to be an endorsement of all the other things Bob Lazar said about space aliens which I still believe was just part of a disinformation campaign by U.S. Naval Intelligence and the CIA.

New Update: I so far cannot confirm any resonance is from nuclei, only from uncompensated electrons and yet the anomalous electrical power appears only with addition of very heavy isotopes.

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