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      Magnetic Attraction and Repulsion at Microwave Frequencies

This is an unrehearsed video by George Bugh, CEO at Vasant Corporation, made for a friend and colleague to explain an experiment people can do to become familiar with creating magnetic attraction and repulsion at microwave frequencies. This also relates to the 3 part video uploaded on the Vasant Corporation's Youtube channel in 2016 about where gravity comes from. Sorry the camera ran out of memory right at the end but nothing was missed.

Follow up comments from George Bugh:
1. I mentioned using horn antennas to stimulate the magnetic toroids however, experimentation may find that some type of small patch antenna directly against the torroid surface might work better, or possibly a small resonant cavity antenna with the toroid surface at one end of the small cavity.
2. I mentioned that Bob Lazar's gravity emitters used 8 toroids each but after later review I see diagrams on the internet show Bob Lazar's gravity emitters with 6 toroids in each gravity emitter.
3. Regarding Bob Lazar, I only pay attention to what Bob Lazar says he himself saw regarding the technology. I consider most information he was briefed on regarding ET to be part of a disinformation campaign. From what I have seen, some the technical information he was given was bogus also or else he was intimidated into lying about some things. The actual working technology can be explained with down to Earth human technology that has been kept secret by a compartmentalized portion of the military-industrial complex that includes companies like EG&G, URS and Aecom. That is not to say I don't believe in ET or don't believe they may have in interest in our planet but the vast majority of "antigravity" vehicles are from humans and are using technology that could have prevented global warming before it ever started.
4. I mentioned using 3 microwave antennas positioned 120 degrees apart around the circumference of a toroid to help control the phase of electron precessions around the toroid and these antennas may also be used to steer the direction of the toroid's magnetic emissions to some degree. With stacks of toroids, the phasing between toroids can be used for focusing the emissions as well.

Magnetic Forces at Microwave Frequencies

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